Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.


Prisoner Transport: Part 2

Prisoner Transport: Part 1 The school bus had become our sanctuary, an oasis of acceptance in a vast desert of judgement where cruelty was a form of currency and there was always an abundance to spend. Children doled out to other children small nightmares as though their survival depended on it. The wrong kind of jeans could banish any one of us to “bottom bitch” status where identity was reduced to that of victim. […]

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Canadian Pope

Today we are at an Edmonton Oil Kings cancer research fundraiser hockey game. Lots music, skating, dancing, ice, and, most importantly, face punching. I’m not sure if Canadian Pope agrees with the face punching. *Shrug

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Originally posted on Behind the White Coat:
This was originally posted in April of 2014, well before the measles issue broke and well before I had any followers to speak of. I think it gives insight into my family and at the same time addresses some of the vaccination controversy. I am on the front lines of the immunization debate as a primary care physician. Periodically I get questions about…

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Guest Post: Writer Interrupted

Originally posted on Johnny Reads:
Hey guys, John here. This is the first guest post of 2015 written by the always great John Callaghan. This was not a topic I chose or approved. I let him decide what to write and that’s what he did. The message he delivers in just a few hundred words should be known by every writer at all times. Now let’s welcome him with a…

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Ten Cents a Blister

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:
He was the survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. His parents and sisters perished there. I met Robert Walker when I was about eleven years old. I’m not sure if Robert felt sorry for me, genuinely liked me, or thought I needed a break, but he had me home for a weekend. It was a rare opportunity to spend time in the city. Living…

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Laundry Day

Today must be laundry day because I’m wearing my bathing suit. (My wife claims that it is called a swimsuit and only a hillbilly from the Ottawa Valley would call it a bathing suit. I do not agree.) Everything I own will be clean. And thanks to the modern chemical industry, it will also smell like a mountain meadow.

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