Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

What I’ve Been Up To

It’s been a while since I posted and for that I do apologize. So here is a rundown of the events since I last was here:


  • I have a new schedule at work. (Really, John? This is what you’re going to lead with? I hope everyone just had some coffee.) This is kind of a big deal for me because my life is fairly routinized and I’ve had the same schedule for about ten years. I like this new one but it has taken me a minute to adjust.


  • I’ve been running outside. Again, this is a big deal because normally, this time of year Alberta is colder than a witch’s tit, so to have it warm enough to run outside is just bloody awesome.


  • I started doing yoga. I love it. More to come on this in future posts. (Really, John? Are you going to wait another month before posting about this or are you going to get back to posting semi-regularly?)


  • We got some new furniture.


  • We had friends over for Bad Movie Night and found new bottom with Ricki and the Flash. My God, Meryl Streep,  you were in Sophie’s Choice! I can only assume you’ve sold your soul to the devil and now must settle that debt.
Jesus Wept. WTF happened to you?

Jesus Wept. WTF happened to you?


  • We saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on New Year’s Eve. It was good and I was flooded with relief.


  • I am off for most of January because where I work is really generous with vacation time and I have a shit load, so I thought I’d take January off.


  • Oh, and I had a dream that I farted, which is really embarrassing because in real life I do not fart.


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  1. I’d only be worried if I’d dreamed I’d burped, farted, sneezed and coughed all at once.

    Good to hear you’re enjoying global warming! 😉

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  2. I’ve been wondering about you! Great to see a post from you, and thank you for making me laugh out loud. Twice. (With the cold Alberta weather and the dream.)

    Nice to hear you’re doing yoga. I do it once or twice a week, but unlike you I don’t like it. But I do it because it’s good for me and will hopefully keep me from injuring a joint, tendon, or ligament every time I move when I’m 80.

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  3. LOL! In real life you don’t fart? Aaaaaaahahahahaha!!!

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  4. I’ve been over here several times hoping I didn’t miss a post! Bout damned time you posted some words!
    Sounds like a winner of a new year start. I wish I only farted in my dreams, and for that matter, everyone else as well. *she writes while the cabbage cooks*
    I think Meryl Streep gets to do whatever she wants now and if it makes her happy, that’s all that matters, which is good, because I’ve no intent to see that film 😉


  5. Nice to hear from you, glad things are going well.

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  6. Hahahahahaha….too funny. Yeah, the damn yoga…I should be doing it but I kinda hate it. I don’t fart either, btw.

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  7. Delighted to hear you have some vacation time! I haven’t posted in a while either – the end of last year hit hard and I’m just now getting back to my feet! Looking forward to hearing more about that furniture!

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  8. You are doing yoga. Hence you are lying about the farting. There is no yoga without farting.

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  9. “Really, John? This is what you’re going to lead with?” I BURST out laughing reading this line. And then with the next Really, John? That would be a good post title. I’ve missed your posts so much. And, hopefully with January vacation we will hear from you more! DON’T LEAVE US AGAIN. ha I’m glad you are enjoying life. But you jinxed us with the weather. We went from you-don’t-even-need-gloves weather to Winter Is Coming. So Stark out.
    I’m glad you approved of Star Wars. If you had said it was bad I would wait for Netflix. I’m so looking forward to it.

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  10. I’ve been checking your blog every so often to see if I was just missing your posts. Good to have you back. Although I imagine it’s still freezing outside and you’re running. I hope you’re okay in the head.

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  11. I, too, wondered where you were. Apparently not farting at yoga class? How does the new furniture affect blogging? 🙂 Glad you are back. x

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  12. So nice to see you posting again, John. All of January ??? Wow. Enjoy the break. ☺
    Haven’t heard that “witch” phrase for a while…mostly I heard it was about heat, and something about being on a tin roof. lol

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  13. Like others, I’ve also missed your posts…What furniture did you buy?? Happy 2016!!

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  14. He’s baaaaack. I was seriously wondering if WP had fucked up my feed or something when I saw nothing from you after *cough* you pledged to post more. 😉

    I was wondering about that Meryl Streep movie. Sounds like a shittier version of that godawful Susan Sarandon movie about being a groupie.

    Glad all is well and that you’ve got a break from work.

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  15. Congrats on all of it, particularly that you don’t fart in real life. That’s really actually somewhat alarming.

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  16. Great to see you on the ‘feed’ . Now that you’ve tossed in a fart joke all is well with the world. Happy New Year! 🙂

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  17. “Oh, and I had a dream that I farted, which is really embarrassing because in real life I do not fart.” lolol! I once had a dream I farted really loudly at my boyfriend’s family dinner and everyone just started at me. But in all seriousness, I hope you start farting a bit in real life, if only for the gratification of being able to blame it on someone else once in awhile!

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  18. Glad you are back. Hope yoga will help you with missing body functions. Have a great January!

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  19. Hmmmm. Anyone who says they don’t fart. Is. A. Liar. Just sayin 🙂 I mean come on, you can’t hold what you haven’t got in your hand lol

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