Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Fallout 4, Baby!

Fallout 4


The following is a transcript of a phone conversation between my wife and me a few days ago:

Me: Honey, I have some really good news.

Maureen: Is this really good news or is it something about a video game?

A long pause.

Me: The second one.

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  2. I’m not anonymous!!!

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  3. Hey, good news is good news!

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  4. I’m beyond flattered you think I’m god. This week just gets better and better.

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  5. Ha! I’m becoming a huge fan of your wife. Love her sense of humor.

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  6. She’s not impressed you’ve reached level 6 of Crusader Duck and slaughtered the Grand Viser of Puddleville? Lol.

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  7. Yeah…we have the same conversations but it usually camera equipment, computer crap or the like. I empathize with your wife…

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  8. Hahahahaha! Sounds like she has you figured out 😀

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  9. Mine would go something like this:

    Me: Honey, I have really good news.
    Wife: Is it really good news or is it something about beer?
    Me: Ummm … never mind.

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  10. I once asked my adult children “At what age does the video game thing wear off? ” My husband responded for them….We’ll let you know when that happens. ☺

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  11. The version of that story in our house.
    Me: Oh you know what happened?
    Husband: Does this have to do with your students?
    Me: (walking out of the room)

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  12. I will read that puppy right now. My life has been super packed lately and I’m just barely keeping up.


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