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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Digging a Hole

Refugee 2Refugee 3

Remember her? That’s Petra Laszlo, the 40-year-old Hungarian camerawoman who was captured on video kicking a 10-year-old Syrian refugee and tripping a Syrian father who had a child in his arms. Well, now she’s suing Facebook and the man she tripped. Why? you might ask. According to Laszlo, “Facebook played a major role in my situation.” There’s a Facebook group titled the “Petra Laszlo Shame Wall” that has about 10 000 members, and Laszlo is claiming that Facebook “helped embitter people against [her].” She’s suing the man she tripped, Osama Abdul Mohsen, because he changed his story; he initially blamed the police for tripping him but later blamed Laszlo.

I don’t think it’s possible to less sensitive to this situation. You were caught on camera for all the world to see kicking children as they ran half hysterical from some very scary police. Your behaviour was so callous I might have thought it a Saturday Night Live skit. And to accuse the man you tripped of changing his story is ridiculous. In the confusion of the day the man may not have had an accurate grasp of who tripped him, but when he saw the video–with the rest of the world–it became clear.

Refugee 1

So in honour of this martyr to truth and justice, I will declare today to be “Petra Laszlo Day.” I would encourage you all to go to the nearest children’s hospital and kick, or trip, at least one child and then blame the child for your actions because, well, they’re sick, and sick children bring this onto themselves and if they don’t like it, then stop being sick goddammit. Or failing that, go to your back yard, or a park, and dig a giant hole and stand in it, while blaming the shovel for the digging and the hole. If you complete any of these tasks and provide evidence, I may send you a t-shirt with the caption: “Have you Kicked a Refugee Today?”

Happy Petra Laszlo Day.

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43 replies

  1. Amen. Nicely said. She didn’t know there were cameras around? Maybe she can add the cameraman to her lawsuit. Oh, and also add her mother, who should have raised her better.

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  2. This is even more absurd than the man who sued himself for inflicting boomerang-related injuries on himself. And that was not a sentence I thought I would be saying.
    I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry at the state of humanity.

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  3. She has no one to blame but herself. We live in a new world. Everything can be recorded. We should have always practiced the Golden Rule, regardless of whether we were recorded or not, but this should give even more incentive to make nice. Too bad it doesn’t seem to.

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  4. People are really twisted. You would think that being caught doing something so awful would cause you to apologize, if only to save your career. But to blame the victim? That’s low.

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  5. Sweet. Now excuse me while I celebrate this auspicious day and go drown some puppies!

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  6. Really?! I don’t even know what to say to that other than what an effing moron! Despicable.

    I think we should organize a “Trip Petra Laszlo” group and make a worldwide effort to trip that bitch wherever she goes.

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  7. She obviously believes the motto “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

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  8. Wow I hadn’t heard about her suing facebook- so crazy! I will join you in this celebration of such an inspiring woman and go kick some children, and maybe a few puppies too just for good measure!

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  9. I dug a hole for Petra, a big hole…

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  10. Omg. How horrible! Hadn’t heard of this story but omg.

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  11. OMG…seriously ?? But, great response post, John, I like the way you think !

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  12. OMG… You know, I came across another Facebook page, something like ” We are proud of you Petra Laszlo”. I have to check out again. I was so disgusted that didn’t save the link.

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  13. They won’t let her treat them right!

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