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An Old-Timey Treasure Chest



This might be my favourite photo from this time period.

This might be my favourite photo from this period.

From 1935-1944 the Roosevelt administration took on the largest photography project ever sponsored by the government. The idea behind the project was to provide evidence of success in New Deal initiatives, and then the project was carried on into World War II.

The project amassed some 170 000 photographs which have recently been released to the public. You can see the photos on the website Photogrammar; and if you love looking at old black and white photos as much as I do, then this is the place for you. The website couldn’t be easier to navigate: Presented with a map of the United States, you just point to a region, it tells you how many photos there are from that region and who the photographer was, then you click, and voila, you have in front of you a visual cornucopia of history.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


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  1. Thanks for the link. Have a great weekend yourself!

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I share your love of old photos, and I found a ton of local photos on that website. Very awesome, sir.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this! I’m a huge photography fan and this is a wonderful treasure trove.

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  4. Will have a look at the website. Photography heritage accumulated during all these years is amazing. I too like Migrant Mother – reminds me of college 🙂 Documentary photographers of that era are the best ever.

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  5. I have seen a book of these photos and I particularly love that one. My family lived between Oklahoma, North Texas and New Mexico during the 30s and I can’t image how hard it was for them.

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  6. Very cool, thanks for sharing! I have a secret obsession with old black and white photos! There’s something so eerily magical about them…

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  7. I love this photo. Have you read the book, Mary Coin?

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  8. Awesome, John, thanks.

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  9. Thank you for the next thing for me to obsess over. It keeps my hands busy, and keeps me away from the smack.

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  10. Wow. Just wow. Thank you for sharing this!

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