Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.


I have been asked to do the three-day quote challenge by dearlilyjune. I normally don’t do these kinds of things, but I had to admire the hutzpah of someone who came over and stomped all over my lawn and issued a challenge. So I thought “What the hell, I’ll give it a go.” And speaking of hell, here is the first quote:

“Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav’n.”

Paradise Lost 2

This quotation is from one of the great orators of English literature, John Milton’s Satan in the epic poem Paradise Lost (1667). This has been the rallying cry of the black-hat set since it was first published. Satan injects a kind of dignity into a hopeless cause and can justify–or even give a righteous tone to–something bad. It’s a brilliant line because it demonstrates that even the Devil has a view of the world that that makes things not so black and white after all.

Paradise Lost 1

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  1. I think I’m missing a part of the post. I don’t see the quote. 😦

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  2. I’m totally going to hell. I can’t be without my friends and family.

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  3. John, you need to post more. It makes my day!

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  4. My ex husband (a supposedly devout Mormon) once chilled me the bone by telling me that he could, if he wanted, call me up to heaven to serve him. That’s a version of heaven that gives one pause!

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