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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

We all Want Germany


This fine specimen of humanity spent the better part of a day tripping a father who had a four year old in his arms and kicking a terrified little girl who was running from the Hungarian police.

I think it is now safe to declare that this year’s biggest asshole is the country of Hungary. Congratulations Hungary, you really are horrible. If only Canada had just one more Justin Bieber to give. If only.


How times have changed.

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  1. Isn’t that horrible? Can you imagine the stone of a heart that woman must have to do that? So sad.

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  2. This post makes me glad I’ve been largely avoiding the news. It’s a shame how heartless people can be. That asshole would fit right in with most of the Southern U.S. folks.

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  3. I love the thought of sending them a Justin! They deserved twin-Justins even.

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  4. Mixed feelings about all this, John. I saw those refugees huddlled together as bread was thrown at them, like they were feeding animals. the woman above. I also saw interviews with Syrians who claimed that only 3 of the 30-40 on their boat were Syrian, the others were from Iraq, who lied about losing their passport, and some who claim to have seen known terrorists among the “helpless refugees”. There is genuine desperation, and we need to open our hearts to the hopeful,but there is constant need to be vigilant. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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  5. Have you all travelled to Hungary? I mean is there a reason for me to believe this sort of behavior is normal there? Because I read that this woman worked for a station that is rather anti-immigrant, but even they knew she should be fired. Not defending this, but we should be careful with generalizations. I know from experience in the American South that that region has it’s share of good and caring people too.

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    • No I haven’t traveled to Hungary and the information I’m getting is primarily news sources. Of course I do not think that everyone in Hungary is callous and horrible. But the police force, and the razor wire fence being built, are endorsed by the majority of the population otherwise it would not be done. It would be political suicide for any politician to allow this brutality to exist if he or she didn’t think it was to their advantage. I have not seen one iota of protest against this behaviour by the Hungarian populace.
      Now let’s look at Germany and how they have welcomed the refugees, filling a stadium with people waving signs of welcome.
      The fact that Hungary has not even attempted to provide some basic necessities for these desperate people is disgusting. But I am sure that their are people in Hungary who do not agree with this wretched policy and are likely ashamed of their countries actions. As I would be if this occurred in Canada.

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    • The other thing I found very sad is that this woman committed some blatant assaults on children in front of the police and she was not arrested. Not even fined. So I am thinking that kicking children is okay in Hungary? Wonderful justice system Hungary. Really nice.

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  6. I don’t think the Hungary’s tourism industry is particularly happy with the press the country’s getting! Their government has obviously forgotten about the millions of Hungarians who fled the communists and were taken in by other countries.

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  7. The asshole is much bigger, it just didn’t have that good chance to expose itself. Eastern European countries are so hateful against the refugees, that such situation could happen in any other place. It is just that the refugee route to Germany and the West goes through the certain areas, one of them being Hungary.

    I am sure that many Hungarians feel embarrassed. So do many other people in many other places.

    I wouldn’t make any parallels with the American South though ( in comments). I wouldn’t make any parallels at all. Just sad, that there are so many people in the world who lack control over themselves, both in words and deeds. It is where all the embarrassments come from.

    I like your image ” We want Germany”. Isn’t it amazing? Germany is a country who learned from her history. I wish everybody learned something.

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  8. Four separate comments here all in one post; how efficient is that?

    I’ve been to Hungary, well Budapest. It’s a very nice place with very nice people. It just has the misfortune to have elected an ultra-rightist government.

    There are certainly some bad actors among the refugees, or migrants, your choice of terms. After the treatment they have gotten in Europe, there are certainly more disaffected and angry people at the end of the trip than there were at the beginning. However, I have some difficulty with seeing terrorist organizations infiltrating people into Europe by sending them on a thousand mile walk under those conditions when it would be so much easier and more effective to buy them an airline ticket.

    I read the other day that the man who was tripped by the camera person, now has an offer of a job in Spain.

    We here on this side of the ocean are having a good time criticizing people in Europe for not doing enough for the refugees. Our self-righteousness will doubtless continue at least until we are asked to take some in. Then we will start whining more loudly about possible terrorists.

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    • Excellent points. In Canada the government has come under fire for not taking in enough refugees and not making the process quicker. The number of refugees Canada will take in has increased significantly as a result. I too wonder how many of these children are going to grow up incredibly resentful of the treatment they, and their families, are recieving? Will this create a generation of potential terrorists?

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  9. They’re so awful that they’d LOVE to have Justin Bieber.

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  10. It is so ironic that we have a phrase in Glasgow – “you look like a Hungarian refugee”. When Hungarian refugees arrived in the UK after WWII, they were wearing all their clothes on top of one another as they couldn’t carry much. It refers to a mismatch of colors. How quickly people forget that their country has been invaded or they were the invaders. Except for Canadians who are perfect…


  11. i was only teasing about Canadians – you were the one who mentioned Justin Beiber, the scourge of the Americas. 🙂


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