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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Josh Duggar is Making Jesus Cry


Josh Duggar is turning out to be a hound dog of monumental proportions. He has two accounts on the Ashley Madison web site. A web site that facilitates individuals who are seeking to have extra marital affairs and he says that, yes, he has had an affair. With a woman. A woman that was not his wife. Or his sister. And he’s admitting to being addicted to internet porn. You’re probably not addicted to porn Josh, you just like looking at naked ladies. That aren’t your sister.

I hope everyone is praying for Josh so he may overcome these afflictions and get back to telling us what relationships are acceptable, how sex before, or outside, marriage is sinful, how women should act and dress, and how birth control defies the will of god. Oh, and dancing is bad. Even for little kids. At one time this half-wit even had a job as a lobbyist for hatemonger Dr. James Dobson’s organization: Focus on the Family (a title that is code for “we hate gay people”). I really do enjoy when someone who is dumber than a head of cabbage can tell me how to live. So please Josh, get back up on that high horse and get back to explaining why it is I’m going to burn in hell.

Maybe he could do a “Purity” tour with Bristol Palin. Oh the baby making that would happen on that tour bus!

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  1. First Cosby. Then a Duggar. Now the Subway guy. Ugh. I think I need a shower.

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  2. Wait, wait, wait. You know this isn’t Josh’s fault. He was just a young man…

    No, that doesn’t work.

    Tactic #2…It’s not Josh’s fault. If his wife hadn’t gotten herself knocked up and left him to his own devices, this wouldn’t have happened.

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  3. I cannot like this post enough. The only truth that I have seen from this Duggar is that he called himself a hypocrite. Morally righteous folk who preach the word of god while living another life behind closed doors…who do they think they’re fooling.

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  4. My tummy’s all churn-y. I spend my prayer time on shit like counting my blessings and wishing for world peace and the end of Monsanto, so no, no room for pedophiles.

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  5. I’ve got you covered with the cookies, donuts and cakes, John. You know that. I was the first one to join your cult. I LOVED this post!! You are so right on. I just can’t wait for the sophisticated and well educated and discerning friggin Josh to get back on the high horse and tell us all why we are going to burn in hell. Did you read about Jared yet? OMG!!!!

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    • Thank you Andrea. I can always count on your support no matter insane I become. I did read about Jared and, yuck, just disgusting. How do these guys who are in the public spotlight expect not to get caught? It’s baffling. And some of the girls were as young as 6! I don’t get it.

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  6. Family Values… Evangelical style.

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  7. The sins of the Sin Eater. How sad that the family “reality ” show was cancelled. Who will the good people take their life lessons from now ??? ugh.

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  8. Right on! Love the Purity bus tour idea. Say, are you Josh’s press agent or Bristol’s? ; )

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  9. Applauding from Iowa, sharing on Facebook.

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  10. I read a piece today that suggests that, within the Duggar compound, the fault is being laid on his wife because she did not make herself available to him as much as he needed.

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  11. What it is They say? What you talk about hating the most about others is actually what you hate most about yourself? Seems Josh is proving that very, very true.

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  12. Is it wrong that I get a spasm and every time I try and say his name, that it comes out, “Stupid dough-faced little fuck”?

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  13. Predators are found everywhere, yet there is extra pain connected to those who hide behind religion, fame, privilege, power position, etc. Criminal behavior is criminal behavior and it pains me to see people confused over this point. Everyone who rallies to protect them, to make excuses, to deny the truth, is a big part of the problem.

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  14. As a little exercise, I sometimes try to think up who will fall off their preachy high horse next. WHY oh WHY does anyone think they can keep secrets anymore?? I also try to think about who I’d be most disappointed by if it turned out they’ve not what they seem and/or claim to be.

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  15. I don’t understand the whole celebrity “culture” thing. It’s filled with creeps who are getting creepier, while the sheep are getting sheepier.

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  16. There are so many more who just pretend to be somebody worth to believe. This planet is seriously sick, mostly because of so much lies, greed and dishonesty. It’s just so that somebody is more visible and some others are successfully hiding.

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  17. I loved the last sentence. I want to feel Schadenfreude about the Duggars but it feels as though most of them are victims of their parents warped view of what a Christian marriage should be like. Perhaps they should go to prison for not looking after their children well enough?

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