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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Autocorrect Turns Me Into a Pervert


My favourite autocorrect moment as of late has been every time I would text the name of American women’s soccer team member Megan Rapinoe the autocorrect on my phone would turn her name into “Megan Raping.” Thanks autocorrect for being so immature. And an asshole.

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  1. Autocorrect is the devil

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  2. Makes me want to edit a few of your comments on my posts to make them more interesting… Make people wonder if it was autocorrect or just you. 😛

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  3. I gigglesnorted at the meat hug. All weekend “us” was converted to U.S. as though my iphone sudden grew patriotic! Then I got pissy and started using we in grammatically incorrect format and adding little red faces, lol!

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  4. It gave me ‘Ebola’ for ‘ebook’ the other day. I’m thinking autocorrect has a dark side.

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  5. Surprised Gerard didn’t swoop in to stop you. Who needs autocorrect when you have Gerard?

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  6. Autocorrect is mean to my husband, too. Every time I type his name it, it changes what I typed to “rat.” Wtf?

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  7. haha I haven’t received any emails or messages about your posts in a while, John. I just said to myself that I have to go over to your blog and figure out where you have been.. It appears right here. Just I’m not the one who has been here! Autocorrect drives me crazy yet is good for a laugh too, until we inadvertently hit send. Now I have to scroll down and catch up on your blog.

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  8. Oh my! I used to work with a lady named Dodi and every time I sent her an email, the autocorrect changed it to Dodo. She did not find it amusing!


  9. Oh don’t get me started 😦 Instead of suggesting normal words, at least, they come up with something either pervert or instinct.

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  10. Yes, we certainly would be happier without it. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Yikes. And I thought it was bad that my last name would be “corrected” to Makeover.

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  12. The story of every autocorrect! Lol.

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  13. I was going to follow your funny blog but then I realized you are Canadian. That’s a step too far for a girl from Texas, eh?

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