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Kids With Cancer Are Useless

Okay, so before everyone has a kitten, let me explain. I am using some of that brand spanking new logic rolled out this past week by Donald Trump.¬†According to Trump, John McCain is not to be commended for his war record because he spent five and a half years being held prisoner and enduring torture. The real hero is the man who never went to Vietnam (this would be The […]

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Requiem For a Carbuncle

Originally posted on Behind the White Coat:
?? With awful? Purulent offal Fester was filled Spurting forth From bowels Oder most Foul Detritus? And creamy pus Mingled there A pocket of Sebaceous Sterile room Impaled Lanced, drained Excised None remained Fester had met His demise A few days ago, John Callaghan wrote a side splitting post about his own sebaceous cyst, Fester (please, please check out his post here). That…

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

So Sunday was my birthday (I’ll pause while the audience cheers), and I celebrated by watching The Giver, a movie so horrible it was comical. We have some friends over for a¬†“bad movie night” once every couple of months. Our one friend is like one of those pigs that finds truffles in the forest, except his talent is finding really shitty movies. About halfway through the movie, I could smell […]

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