Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Life on the Wall


2015-05-06 11.36.38

So this is today.

If you look way off into the horizon you can see the Wildling army encampment.

Winter is staying.

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  1. Oh now that’s just wrong! Especially for a cult leader. I won’t tell you that it’s 75 and sunny in NE Ohio…

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  2. A true cult leader could solve this problem. I’m beginning to have my doubts.

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  3. LOL oh wow, I’m sorry. Winter is surely long there. Are you in western Canada? Gah. We’re runnin the AC here. I’d prefer it were about 20 degrees cooler, but I can’t say I’d prefer snow today!

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  4. Gah! My faith in you is shattered.

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  5. Are those White Walkers I see in the distance? Winter is just starting to hit SF Bay Area – we’ve had spring all year. No water.

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  6. You’re moving though right, our faithful leader? Away from that friggin helo pad??

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  7. This is sad indeed. However, I may have a baby somewhere around here you could use.

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  8. What?! Where do you live? (Please don’t say Quebec City.)

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  9. “disconcerting” this weather thing

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  10. How do you pronounce that? Winnnn…tere?

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  11. This is hilarious. But also very very sad.

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  12. Reading the comments here is funnier than watching a sitcom! Boy, you weren’t kidding about your cold weather lingering, John. Here comes some Arizona sunshine for ya, friend ☀☀☀~~~~~

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  13. Ack. And meanwhile, in my area, this is a preview of coming attractions.

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