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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Apology Fail

In some ways I live a mildly sheltered life. I work and live in a community where people are decent and kind to each other. Respect is given and received. So I’m shocked when I see and hear something that’s this ugly and cruel.

Britt McHenry is a “reporter” for ESPN. She had her car towed. In the big wide world, this is a minor inconvenience. But upon retrieving her car, McHenry said this to the employee of the towing company:

“I’m on television, you’re in a fucking trailer, honey.”

“I’m in the news, sweetheart, I will fucking sue this place.”

“Do you feel good about your job? So, I could be a college dropout and do the same thing?”

“Lose some weight, baby girl.”

Here are a couple of pictures of Britt McHenry:


As you can see, she was likely not hired for her sophisticated analytical and critical thinking skills. She is basically a piece of candy with a word-hole and opposable thumbs that facilitate the holding of a microphone. Even after McHenry was told that her tirade was being filmed, she continued berating and insulting the employee.

Soooo, of course this gets on the interwebs and shit blows up. People are PISSED. And in a spectacular display of non-self-awareness McHenry issues this sweet little gem:

“In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake.”

What nonsense this apology is. “Take the high road?” Seriously? This implies something was done to you, that you had been wronged in some way. Your car was towed. That’s it. You weren’t forced to cage fight a rabid chimpanzee. You didn’t have Rick Grimes cut off your hand with a rusty axe after being bit by a zombie with Ebola. You’re not Sansa Stark, for crying out loud.


I was watching “House of Cards” late last night and I think the words of Zoe Barnes might sum up another, more important, lesson for McHenry: “But remember, these days, when you’re talking to one person, you’re talking to a thousand.” And I’m willing to bet that most of those thousand have been belittled, degraded, and punished for not having won the genetic lottery, and though McHenry might have some fantastic bone structure, it does little to stop her from being a walking, talking pile of ugly hatred. Now get in that goddamn cage and fight that chimp!




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  1. Well, then. I have nothing to add.

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  2. My husband and I were discussing this the other night. Regardless how frustrated and upset one might be, that doesn’t give him or her any right to resort to hurtful attacks on a person’s physical appearance. Talk about childish. Plus, I’m sure the woman in the booth was not the one who towed the car. She was just doing her job.

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  3. I saw that video. I was aghast. I cannot imagine how one gets to such a low place in life where they feel the need to talk like that to anyone. Vile. Her behavior was vile.

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  4. I can’t imagine how wonderful she must be to work with!

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  5. I actually tweeted about this as soon as the video released. And almost blogged about it on my other one. But I didn’t. Cause Britt McHenry as a person and her apology are a complete joke. No point in wasting five minutes to write about her.

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  6. Had the same reaction to “take the high road.” Really, WTF?

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  7. This post WAS awesome.

    Let’s go find this Britt McHenry and beat the SHIT outta her.
    Even her name irritates me. Grrrrr. *Britt McHenry*
    oh, what’s your sad tale of woe, Britt? Your BOOBS are too big? Bitch.

    I’m so glad I visited you. You’re funny!!

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  8. While I agree with everything you say about how offensive her actions were, there is one small quibble I have. In some respects, you make the same mistake she did by assuming that she was only hired for her looks — that because she is attractive, she couldn’t possibly be talented enough to have earned her position based on that talent or skill. How different is that from her assumptions about the person she was ranting at?

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  9. Did you Google her???? hahahaha

    I graduated from an Ivy League college. Doesn’t mean I’m above giving a beeej to get a job.

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  10. It would be wrong of me to slip the chimp a switchblade, wouldn’t it?

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  11. Oh my, John, I just came here to leave a little comment and see that you’ve been having quite the party here 😉

    My addition is this. My daughter chose to get her journalism degree in print media instead of broadcast for 2 reasons. She loves to write and she literally didn’t want to be affiliated with the young women in broadcast. She graduated from ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism which is competitive and elite and, well, there are many Britts, according to my daughter.

    Britt’s appearance, intelligence, and character (lack there of in this situation) are entwined and completely relevant. I won’t speculate about her or others like her (how they get their jobs) and I won’t call them names (at least not publicly) because that’s not me, but I’m glad when truth is told and important (humorous) points are made, as you did in this post.

    I’m just glad that my daughter chose a different path. And, as a proud mama, I’ll mention that my daughter is gorgeous, smart, and has character filled with kindness, courtesy, and humility. When the camera is rolling and when it isn’t.

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    • Thank you so much for the kind comment. Upon reflection I may have too harsh. But this lady really got under my skin. I know first hand that bad teeth often are the result of poverty and a neglected childhood. My teeth were a mess growing up and it took a pile of money, time, and pain to get them fixed. I may have let my own personal battles colour my opinion and maybe that’s not fair but, meh, if she didn’t want people to say nasty things about her then she shouldn’t have acted like such an ass hole while she knew she was being filmed. I am surprised that my silly, somewhat humorous, take on this matter would have evoked such a militant and strong reaction. But my blog is public so I need to be prepared for all kinds of people with all sorts of reactions. I do need to be careful to keep it funny and not mean. I just can’t stomach a bully though.
      Your daughter sounds quite amazing and I can only imagine how proud you are. Good on her!

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  12. Wow, really fun, funny and intense comment thread. I really appreciate your guts, John. You stick to your guns and that’s awesome! Great and well written piece.

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  13. I’m already a fan of your style

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