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Poetry Challenge

Angie Mc at Family Love Does Matter challenged me to write a poem. It has to be ten lines, has to have the word love in each line, and no line can be more than four words. And include a quote about love (this can be your own). Mama Mia! Poetry is not my forte. In fact, poetry is by far the most difficult and challenging medium to get right. The fewer the words the less room you have for error. And when poetry goes bad, it can be a weapon of mass destruction. So I think what I’ve done here is more compile a list than anything really poetic. But it was kind of a fun exercise.

      Random Love

Love: where I am

Love: new socks

Love: no church Sundays

Love: itching of scars

Love: a good puzzle

Love: words falling out

Love: sleeping nine hours

Love: having my teeth

Love: second chances

Love: coming home


“We made mad love, shadow love / Random love and abandoned love / Accidentally like a martyr / The hurt gets worse and the heart gets harder.” –Warren Zevon, “Accidentally Like a Martyr”



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23 replies

  1. Wait. You love itchy scars? Are you a picker?!?!?

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  2. “Love: having my teeth”—Ha, yes I share that love. Here’s hoping we still have them when we’re 80.

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  3. “words falling out” – my favorite part of your poem

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  4. Love: second chances

    Love: coming home


    With a big smile on my face, I wish you a good night, John. You and your poem are terrific.

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  5. You were brave undertaking such a brave poetry challenge in public. Not bad, Good luck with the novel xx Rowena

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  6. Haha I love the ‘no church sundays’. Sometimes feel like that 🙂

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