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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.


Behind the White Coat is one of my favourite blogs. This is the first time I’ve done a reblog and I can’t think of a better post to articulate some of my thoughts and feelings on this issue. Thank you Victo Dolore for sharing this story.

Behind the White Coat

IMG_9990This was originally posted in April of 2014, well before the measles issue broke and well before I had any followers to speak of. I think it gives insight into my family and at the same time addresses some of the vaccination controversy.

I am on the front lines of the immunization debate as a primary care physician. Periodically I get questions about whether or not I will allow children in my practice who are not vaccinated or whose parents wish to make up their own vaccination schedule.

My honest response to them is this:

“You probably don’t want to discuss this with me.”

Invariably there is a shocked look. And then the question, “Why?”

First, let me say that I feel for parents struggling to do what is right by their children. It is particularly difficult when it comes to wading through conflicting data about vaccinations and autism and…

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  1. John:

    This was a great reblog. I am following him now. Thanks.


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  2. Yes, this was an excellent post vy VD. I made a comment about it on her blog.

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