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Grammys: Generic and Saccharine


Maybe I’m getting old and crotchety, but I found this year’s Grammys bland, sugary, and at times weird.

Something that gives me the unpleasant feeling of being ten years old and back in church is artist after artist regurgitating the same few lines/slogans:

Be who you are.

Be your authentic self.

Don’t stop dreaming.

Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams.

Dreams can come true.

Love is good.

Love is better than hate.

We need more love in the world.

On and on it goes. Slogans and sayings are the laziest and dullest way to communicate an idea. And having people pointing out something as obvious as “the sky is blue” grates on my nerves. Just a little.

Speaking of obvious, I find it sad that Madonna hasn’t progressed as an artist. She’s still singing the same kind of song about “love” that sounds more generic every year. And she has the same old stage show of ‘roided up man-meat wearing silly costumes while carting around a woman who is just way too old to this without looking a little sad and desperate.

The PSA from President Obama on domestic abuse was well intentioned but felt weird and out of place. The spoken word and song performance were okay, I guess, but again they did little more than state the obvious. Nor should they, because this was the Grammys–a party for the music industry.

Then there was Kanye. I don’t get Kanye. He seems to have become the house band for the Grammys, yet he is perpetually unhappy about who gets a Grammy and who doesn’t. I find it laughable that he would be so upset about Beck winning the Grammy and Beyoncé losing that he rushed the stage. Again. Seriously, Kanye, Beck is a real deal artist and Beyoncé, though she is perfectly lovely in her own right, is most definitely not an artist on the same level as Beck.

The highlight of the night for me was Hozier performing with Annie Lennox and Ed Sheeran performing with ELO. I could have done with a lot more of that and a lot less of Kanye.

Just remember, everyone: Be who you are. Be your authentic self. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams. Dreams can come true. Love is good. Love is better than hate. We need more love in the world.

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  1. I loved the Sheerhan/ELO and Annie Lennox performances and ACDC as well. I fast forwarded through Obama, I didn’t even realize he was speaking on DV. I thought the word performance was nice but the song didn’t do much for me…I couldn’t understand what she was saying but the shadows looked cool. I must have went to bed before Kanye and I am not sad about that! He must be beyonces biggest fan!

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  2. As much as I love music, I never watch the Grammy’s. And now I don’t need to thanks to your summary. Love how you ended your post. Ha!

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  3. It is like any other award show, none of which I watch anymore!

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  4. Loved your comments about Madonna and Kanye. Two of the hugest egos on the planet. I realized it wasn’t all about me when I was about 25 and I was shocked. But what is more shocking is people who never, ever get that.

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  5. *plan* was supposed to be the last word on my reply. Trying a new browser out, on my phone as I don’t have a computer. Peace.
    Kanye’s not such a bad guy, after all, he took that old man (Paul Macartney) under his wing…

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  6. I skipped every performance except Sam Smith and Miranda Lambert. I liked last year’s show much more.

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  7. You just got me to look up the definition of saccharine =) I love music…I’ve been to concerts at Red Rocks just about every summer for the past 20 years. I think every year, there are a couple of musicians that give an amazing performance at the Grammy’s and that’s why I watch (I agree, it was Annie Lennox for me too). Am I bored through most of it…yes….but I’m sure what I don’t like, someone else does.
    You comment about Madonna…I actually saw her live for the first time a few years ago and what I admire about her is she knows how to entertain a crowd…she really does even at her age. Her performance last night wasn’t great, but I still respect her for getting on that stage because I never could do it (and I think I like men wearing silly costumes).
    And honestly, I don’t mind hearing those words you wrote at the end every so often….it’s depressing hearing about wars and cancer and kids losing their lives too soon to guns…so I guess I’m just a sucker for a little pick me up every once in awhile….

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    • Thank you for your comment. I do have a lot of respect for Madonna. I think she did some amazing work challenging conventional notions of religion and sexuality and broke some interesting ground in fashion as well. I have no doubt she is still able to entertain a crowd but, for me, her schtick is old and used up. She has been resting on this particular motif for many years now and it smells of desperate mid-life crisis. I’m a little disappointed because this is a woman who practically invented reinvention. And I find her music stale and pedestrian. Others may find it enjoyable and I would encourage them to continue to listen to Madonna if that gives them pleasure.
      I also can understand that sometimes the news can be overwhelming. But I get no comfort or solace from from half-wit celebrities spewing empty platitudes about love and dreams. I find it lazy and insulting and really no more than blatant pandering. If a celebrity really has a need to make a comment on some sociological aspect of culture and society then I would wish they put some thought into their statement and articulate it beyond the grasp of sixth grader. To do otherwise just minimizes something important and, quite frankly, this brings me way down.
      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your comments.

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  8. Well, if I had known about Lennox/Hozier and Sheeran/ELO I probably would have watched the thing.

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  9. WHAT?! Didn’t anyone thank God their Lord and savior without whom none of this would have been possible???

    Enjoyed your recap, John. I have no patience for the awards shows and rely on the entertainment TV the next day to give me the highlights. And to show the outfits – I have my priorities. (Was surprised nobody mentioned how reminiscent Kim K’s dress was of J Lo’s when *she* was accompanying the ever gentlemanly and appropriate Mr. West.)

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  10. I’m just too old to watch that shit. Note: I was also too old at 16. I suck at being young.

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  11. *sniff sniff* Be who I am, never stop dreaming. Oh, I’m so touched.

    I’m with ya, JC! And yeah, Madonna had real talent. She’s plateaued.

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  12. I hear most of these singers on the car radio on the way to work, and while I enjoy some of their songs, I just don’t feel the need to find out how they look in real life. I’m afraid I’d be just as disappointed as when I eventually make out these songs’ lyrics.

    P.S. I did not realize Ed Sheeran has an album named X. 🙂

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