Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

The Price of Vanity

I hate it when I kiss my biceps and get a mouthful of deodorant.

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  1. …are you doing it wrong?

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  2. You are kissing in the wrong place! If I know what a bicep is, there should NOT be deodorant there. And btw, can’t you just flex in the mirror and get your kicks w/o kissing them?

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  3. Lucky you, I would get capzasin, hot stuff!

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  4. Aim higher? Or lower? Switch to strawberry-flavored deodorant?

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  5. I’m thinking there may be a YouTube video out there that will show you the proper way to apply deodorant.

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  6. Hmm, I’m thinking you either have an anatomical anomaly or you’re being far too liberal with your deodorant application…

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  7. You guys ALL have to get over your obsession with how to apply deoderant!! Let me help you. Lift one arm into the air and use the hand of the opposite arm to apply deoderant ONLY to the area directly in the armpit. Switch sides and repeat. Get it!?!

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  8. Get some bacon scented deoderant.

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  9. Ew. *wrinkle nose* Didn’t need the visual.

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