Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.


This weekend the wife and I got new smart phones: the Galaxy Note 4, and oh sweet lord these are nice devices. Like an object from the future.

My wife’s previous phone was one of those old-timey flip phones that you only really see in museums. So for her this is like going from riding a moped to driving a Ferrari. I just hope she doesn’t kill herself or someone else with all that new horsepower.

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  1. I went from a flip phone to a “smart” phone only two months ago. My niece referred to my old phone as a “dumb” phone. Since she is ten, I didn’t think it was cute. But I got the point. Tell your wife she’s not alone. There’s more of us out there – I just know there are!

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    • Hahaha. Actually my wife has a friend who still has a flip phone. When Maureen got her smart phone her friend said she was flying the flag at half mast for poor “flippy.”

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    • As I have no pc, my world is coloured by what I can see and read through my phone. At one time, the only game in town was ‘WAP’ – Wireless Application Protocol. What shite it was, too.
      Towards the end of 2005 I heard of Opera Mini, on a site called Wapocolypse. I downloaded it to my “dumb phone”_and started zipping through the net.
      I now have an Android, and 4 browsers in my phone plus a bunch of apps so I can read for a and blog sites to my hearts content.
      Just remember not to drop the phone… Percussive maintenance doesn’t work with smart phones, enjoy!

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  2. It took me an age to get my first smart phone, now I’m useless without it. I lost one once and it took a lot more than a bunch of phone numbers with it, my whole life stopped for a couple of days. Sheesh!

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  3. Yeah, I pay my bills, do all my banking, take all my photos, book, pay for and check in all my flights, track and trade my share portfolio, I can even see what’s going on in my shed via cctv…and very occasionally I make a phone call…


  4. Once you go smart phone, you never go back…

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  5. Me I’ll keep my “dumb’ phone until it dies! If I wanted my phone to do all that I’d buy a tablet that could dial! Keys are too small on phones!

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  6. It’s funny. I’m seriously considering going back to the old dumb phone. It’s not that I dislike my IPhone. I like it. And that’s the problem. I want to eliminate all of the distractions it allows me to have.

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  7. Those are like carrying a iPad on your face! They’re HUGE!

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