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Guest Post: Writer Interrupted

Originally posted on Johnny Reads:
Hey guys, John here. This is the first guest post of 2015 written by the always great John Callaghan. This was not a topic I chose or approved. I let him decide what to write and that’s what he did. The message he delivers in just a few hundred words should be known by every writer at all times. Now let’s welcome him with a…

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This weekend the wife and I got new smart phones: the Galaxy Note 4, and oh sweet lord these are nice devices. Like an object from the future. My wife’s previous phone was one of those old-timey flip phones that you only really see in museums. So for her this is like going from riding a moped to driving a Ferrari. I just hope she doesn’t kill herself or someone else with all […]

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Friday Night

Friday night I rode home from work on the top half of a double decker bus. The weather has been strange here in Edmonton.  For the last few days the temperature has been hovering around +10. Aside from the occasional cold snap, we’ve had one of the mildest winters I can recall. Last night it was pouring rain as I made my way home. All that dirty snow and chunks […]

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Mad Max and Left Behind

Yesterday we saw a preview for the Mad Max reboot coming to theatres this summer. I’ve been meaning to get around to, but never seemed to have the time, thanking Australia for giving us a franchise that was not only a pioneer in the post-apocalyptic/wasteland genre, but also a quirky, funny, outrageously violent film that also embodied a kind of minimal artistry that had a lasting effect. So thanks, Australia. Today we are having “Bad Movie […]

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