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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Starting A Cult

I was informed that as of today I have 100 followers. Is this enough to start a cult? I don’t want to jump the gun. If anyone out there has started, and maintained, a successful cult I’d love some feedback. In the meantime I’m going to get busy designing some far out clothing for everyone to wear. And thanks everyone. Now worship me like a god!

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  1. As long as you don’t make me drink the Kool-Aid…

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  2. Cool! I totally would drink your Crystal Lite. 🙂

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  3. I think you’ve already exceed the right number for starting a cult. Really, you should have started about 90 followers ago. But, if you’re gonna start now, I’m in. I pledge allegiance to the Grand Swami of GOMLP. Your wish is my command. Please, please, please, tell me I should quit my job and move to Canada.

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  4. Do I need to send you my measurements for the far out clothing? Coral is a good color on me. Also, is there Kool-Aid?

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  5. Can we worshop Gozar!? PLEASE!?

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  6. Well, I think you’ll need a few bizarre rules and a whacky mantra to start. But robes would be good too. Given your recent post, what about red robes and Mickey Mouse ears for all?

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  7. Congrats on the cult status. Do we all have to move to a compound too?! Would there be enough room to fit all my shoes?!

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  8. Now you have 101 followers. Our outfits need to be periwinkle blue. It’s a flattering color on me.

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  9. Uh, John, some people have 5,000 and more followers! You are NOT in cult range yet!! HAHAHAHAHA

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  10. Be sure to make some extra for the new members out of mY cult. *grin* They’re gonna love your post.

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  11. How’s your cult going, John?

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  12. How is cult life? What do your followers do besides worship you? If I joined, would I have to shave my head? I’m already in Canada so get the Crystal Light ready!

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    • The cult is a bit of a failure. People do pretty much what they want and when I try to lay down the law, they just laugh and shake their heads. It’s tough times for a cult leader. Charles Manson is threatening to revoke my license.

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  13. No, been past 100, back down to 14 I think? does that mean I’ve crapped out, I don’t think so. I closed my own blog to start a .com domain and screwed up the transfer is what it means. Come to think of itI went from free to paying for it, so, yup that was dumb.

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