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I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

The Frog Days of Summer

Facebook is much maligned for being a giant time suck. But I appreciate Facebook for allowing me to keep in touch with friends who live thousands of miles from my home. And sometimes I get a reminder about how little, in some ways, I’ve changed. Here is an edited exchange I had last week:

Change Room

Rob: Anyone recognize this in Renfrew?

Tracey: Change room from the beach?

Rob: Yep. I think it’s the only thing left at the beach.

Me: What happened to the beach?

Rob: They closed it several years ago.

Me: Oh, explain please.

Rob: That’s all I got.

Me: Hahaha. Okay.

Ann: It was closed years ago because of a high ecoli count. There was a recent article in the Mercury saying the town had retested the water and was still too high to swim in. I still remember the musty smell in the change room. Wasn’t pleasant.

Me: Thanks Ann. And ewwww. I don’t think I ever used the change room.

Ann: I hated biking all the way across town with a wet bathing suit.

Me: I never minded. But I was a weird kid and pretty oblivious. I probably swam in my clothes.

Ann: You weren’t that weird. Except when you used to tell me the picture of me in my locket looked like a frog. I thought it was a boy thing. LOL.

Me: Hahahaha. What a little turd I was. Yes I was weird, and if that’s all I said then I am grateful. Sorry by the way. I’m sure you looked perfectly nice.

Ann: I think it was an inside joke that you never let me in on. LOL. Mrs. Amell’s  split grade 2-3 class. Good times!


It’s wonderful to still be friends with the people who knew me when I was such a weird little turd.



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  1. Ummmm. I know I am probably not the only one here thinking about this word “was”…. 😛

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  2. I’m not really in communication with any friends from childhood. But my social circle has never been very wide (offline, that is). I’m very loyal though, and I’ll come running when those in my circle call. Gee, I kind of sound like a dog.

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  3. Interesting thing for me … as a result of a class reunion, I friended a number of people from high school a couple of years ago. And then, based on what I saw in their posts on FB, I was reminded of why I didn’t actually stay in contact with them over the years.

    In other far more important news, I just finished my first Papa Burger. First, at least for several decades. The burger was actually very good. I’ll be going back for more. Only problem is the fries. This is what McDonald’s will always have on every other fast food joint. The fries are consistently really good regardless of which McDonald’s you’re at.

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    • I was just out with some friends last night and they also were saying that friends from high school were not really people they wanted to stay in touch with based on FB info. I think I’m pretty lucky to have such a large group of people that I like even more now than I did then.
      Oh those A+W burgers. I’m glad you enjoyed the Papa burger, I just hope my suggestion doesn’t lead to an addiction. They changed the fries about a year or so ago, I think to make them healthier. Not as good now.

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      • I wasn’t that involved in the social life of high school. The friends I had then mostly went their ways and I lost touch with them. I’d love to know what happened to them, but they, like me, are not the type to go to reunions. My circle of friends that I’ve held onto at that time actually arrived right after I graduated from high school. Through a friend, I started hanging out with this group that included a few people who graduated the year before me, a few from my year, and a few from the year after. That’s really the only circle I’ve held on to over the years. Interesting thing though — almost none of them are active on FB.

        As for the addiction of A & W … I’m just glad to have a nearby alternative to Taco Bell now that I’ve discovered the burgers aren’t that bad.

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  4. True. People who knew you young matter the most.

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  5. This story is so sweet….. But is she still having counseling because you told her she looked like a frog?! 😀

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