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Canadian Thanksgiving (Gobble Gobble)

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. Here are some things I am grateful for that, normally, I just take for granted:

1. Coffee Filters: The usefulness to cost ratio is immense. Making coffee without these perfectly shaped manufactured items would be a pain.

2. Cotton: From t-shirts to pyjamas, cotton is nature’s way of giving us a hug.

3. The Printing Press: The invention of this magnificent tool, and its offspring, has given me more pleasure than any human is entitled to.

4. Debit Cards: I remember when I was young (cue old man voice) and the panic for everyone to get to the bank on Friday and withdraw enough cash to see you through the weekend. This was a pain and especially so if you miscalculated how much you would need.

5. Sewage System: Poopy go bye-bye and with it so have many diseases.

6. Toilet Paper: Although I think this is still a method that could use some improvement, it’s better than going all day with “mud butt.”

7. The Internet: I can play Words With Friends and Scrabble with my brother-in-law who lives a half a world away in England, and partake in some trash talking in real time. This is as close to magic as I think I’ve ever come.

8. Science: From vaccinations to engineering, almost every modern convenience we enjoy today exists because someone asked, “How does this work?”

The first Canadian Thanksgiving dates back to 1578 when Martin Frobisher led an expedition to the Canadian North in the hopes of establishing a small settlement. Yikes!

Here is the area:

Frobisher Bay 1

After his ships were separated, battered by severe weather, some sunk by icebergs, and many of the sailors killed, they did manage to meet up in an inlet that is now known as Frobisher Bay. A mass was held to give thanks they had survived. The settlement never happened.

Martin Frobisher

I suppose if Frobisher turned that collar up he would have a hell of a wind-breaker.


Frobisher returned to England later that year with what he thought was a thousand tons of gold ore that turned out to be totally worthless. Sigh. I guess naming a bay after the poor man was the least Canada could do.











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37 replies

  1. Given my public health interests, you know I’m with you on #5. (And #8, of course.)

    Looks like Frobisher could put an eye out with that chin.

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  2. Fantastic list! I particularly enjoyed your point about coffee filters. I will look on mine with much more gratitude tomorrow morning, you can be sure!!!! 🙂

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t think many people would put coffee filters on the top of their way to think outside the box. One year, around the table, my family insisted that we go around and say the things we are thankful for. I said, quite honestly, divorce… they’ve never asked me to play again. 🙂

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  4. I am absolutely, totally with you on #6. There’s gotta be a better way, but the alternative is unthinkable.

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  5. Hahahaha—Canadian Thanksgiving.

    You definitely appreciate being in the first world. You can start #firstworldappreciation on twitter (if it’s not already a thing).

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  6. Your posts never fail to make me smile, well most of them. Anyway…Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

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  7. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Everything that improved our hygiene is precious, so #5 and 6 are blessings. And #8.

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  8. I feel like coffee filters are the last thing we still have that hasn’t been inflated by a billion— housing, yes. Gasoline, yes. Food, yes. Everything in the world, yes. But coffee filters? You can still buy a 3-month supply for $1.78

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  9. I feel as though we are missing an opportunity to double down. You cook me a turkey in October, and I’ll hook you up in November.

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