Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Laundry Day

Today must be laundry day because I’m wearing my bathing suit. (My wife claims that it is called a swimsuit and only a hillbilly from the Ottawa Valley would call it a bathing suit. I do not agree.)

Everything I own will be clean. And thanks to the modern chemical industry, it will also smell like a mountain meadow.

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  1. I dunno John, mountain meadows are overrated I reckon, but I guess it’s better than that swamp bog smell my teenage boys are so mush in love with.

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  2. Canada has hillbillies? Do you have a still in the back yard?

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  3. Hahahahaha! With your freshly cleaned and mountain meadow smelling clothes, you are announcing to the world ‘I am not single!!!!!!’

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  4. I call it a bathing suit and I’m not a hillbilly from the Ottawa Valley. I am from Kansas though, and I suppose there are as many backwoods folks here as there are anywhere else!

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    • Thank you. I’ll tell my wife.
      In your face wife. In your face. People agree with me.
      One of Gillian Flynn’s books takes place in Kansas. Loved the book but can’t remember the name. And of course In Cold Blood takes place in Kansas. If I just went by my literary experiences I’d say Kansas does a lot of farming and a lot of killing. Hahahah.

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      • Dark Places was the one she set in Kansas. She’s from Kansas City, which is not really like the rest of the state. You can’t forget about the Wizard of Oz…so we have killing, farming, and storms. Really so long as you add in drinking I think your literary assessment of Kansas is spot on!

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      • It sounds like my kind of paradise. “Wife! We will retire in Kansas. Let’s go shopping for overalls.”


      • Take a visit here before you decide to retire. It may not be all that it is cracked up to be. It does boast the world’s largest ball of twine, so, there’s that!

        I bet it was spooky as an audio book. I really ought to listen to more of those..I’m in the car at least an hour every day so I might as well be knocking out extra books! I loved Dark Places and also Sharp Objects, but Gone Girl was my favorite. I’m seeing it this Saturday and I’m quite sure I’ll be pissy that it wasn’t as good as the book, but I’m excited anyway.

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      • I haven’t read Gone Girl yet as my reading list is like North Korean crazy. Soooo many books. I love Audible. Simply love it. I always have a book on my phone for laundry, gym, housecleaning, any menial task that doesn’t require my full attention. I’m looking forward to Gone Girl. Probably won’t retire in Kansas but my wife is from Saskatchewan and that is one flat place.

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      • I’ll check into Audible… The only audio books I’ve ever listen to were on CDs checked out from the library, kind of a pain! Have you read “The a Tender Bar” by JR Moehringer? Not to add to your North Korean reading list…but it’s a fabulous book.

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      • I will check it out. I can always use another good book.

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      • Dark Places was amazing. I did it as audio book and it has haunted me for years.


      • All you need to know about the Wizard of Oz: two women fighting over a pair of shoes…

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      • That just about sums it up!

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