Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Personification: Game of Thrones

I’m glad you are back on television as I have given up on you in the written word. You keep introducing me to your new friends when I can’t even keep track of your old ones. You are not really as focused as I’d like you to be. And, no, I don’t want you to go on medication as this would probably make you less violent. And nobody wants that.

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  1. Nice, and totally agree. It’s an opinion I don’t voice out loud very often for fear of being decapitated by enthusiastic use of a plastic broadsword owned by a diehard. I’ve given up waiting for Daenerys to take over the world and for winter to finally…effing…come. At least on television well-done violence actually does make up for inadequacies.


    • My wife is still sticking with the books but I have given up. I just wish he’d follow the main storylines and quit wandering off. And sometimes it’s been many years between books. The show is really well done so I’ll stick with that. Ha ha ha, I hope I don’t catch an arrow in the throat. But I’ve heard Martin’s fans have been disgruntled as well.


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