Get Off My Lawn

I can't tell if he's laughing or crying.

Lemmy isn’t a Nazi, he just plays one on T.V.

I recently watched a documentary on Lemmy from Motorhead on Netflix and it was pretty good. Some things about Lemmy that surprised me:


  1. He has a penchant for denim cut off short shorts.
  2. He is in his sixties and drinks alcoholically, regularly uses speed, and appears to chain smoke. Yet he seems to be in fine health, looks pretty good for his age, and by all reports has never been seen not to in control of his faculties.
  3. He can play ABBA songs on his bass.
  4. He is genuinely nice person which is ironic because he is SCARY looking dude.
  5. Before Motorhead he was in a band called Hawkwind which seems to have a lot of contemporary rock dudes pissing their pants about.
  6. Dave Grohl has a massive man crush on Lemmy.
  7. And most surprisingly of all is that Lemmy has a vast knowledge of WWI and WWII, an amateur historian of sorts and he has an extensive collection of artifacts including swords, daggers, medals, flags, and a significant amount of Nazi memorabilia. At one point in the documentary he is seen being interviewed in front of a German tank in a Nazi uniform with his pants tucked into leather cowboy boots. He claims he enjoys wearing the uniform for because it looks good and he not a Nazi. And of course he is not. But on first glance Lemmy looked like the scariest, weirdest looking Nazi, that has possibly ever existed.


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